Making a Difference

         “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe. 

It is our belief at Men in Capes that receiving is great but nothing compares to the feeling of giving back. Which is why we have built into our business that a portion of all profits will be donated back to The Ocean Foundation and National Forest Foundation.

There is a massive problem with recyclable waste on film sets, which effects our global environment. We waste tons of precious materials everyday on any given set; specifically lumber and paper. Dumpsters full of broken down sets built for a single scene. Call sheets, sides, prelims, one-liners, etc all tossed in the garbage after a single use.

More and more sets doing their part to be green and use less plastic, whether its BYOB or handing out water bottles. It is a start.

Let’s not talk about Beadboard Island in the Pacific.

We intend to combat that with our time, money and energy. As we expand and grow as a company, so will our gifts to this one place we call home. Earth.


 to Donate to The ocean foundation click here


Check out our friends @blueplategrips on Instagram and join our green movement on every film set.