I imagine it's what limbo could be like. Instead of floating a vast nothingness, imagine just driving in a car on a completely straight and flat highway, with fields reaching as far as the eye can see on either side and this stretch of road that just goes on and on and on and on. It slightly goes up and down, but you're pretty much in a car on cruise control. Picture you're in an AI driven car.

Between the roof box, snowboards in the rack, and the awning my car has been getting hit with the wind pretty hard. Kansas, having no mountains, hills, or any sort of hint of elevation has some incredibly powerful crosswinds. And the big tractor trailers do not help either. I have been keeping track of my gas mileage since I bought my Subaru and Kansas so far has been the hardest on the mileage and the wallet. Cruising the previous 2 days I was still getting near 400 miles on each tank. In Kansas, that got crushed to around 260. I have driven through Oklahoma in a cube truck filled with G&E equipment a few years ago, so I was somewhat prepared for the crazy crosswinds. But damn, it is still not fun. 

The farther west I went, the more beautiful the state became. Spring bloom is in full effect, so instead of that Dust Bowl image I had of the Midwest, it was lush green for a good chunk of it. You can see some of the new crops popping up out of the ground. Maps do not do the Midwest justice on how massive they are. WIthout the mountains or large hills, it makes it seem like it just goes on forever. I couldn't imagine going across this land all Oregon Trail style. That was only the first 500 miles of Kansas!

My main goal today was to get to Mount Sunflower, the highest peak of Kansas standing at 4,039'. Starting my day in a Missouri parking lot to 44º misty weather, I basically just drove across I-70 and then made a left. Don't listen to Waze or Google Maps getting to this one. Waze took me a total back ass route, through a town that was just recovering from 2 days of snow and 45mph winds! Of course, I waited until my gas tank got down to the light until I stopped and none of the gas stations had power. So fortunately there was a place back down the highway that I could fill up. But Waze took me through this desolate farmland, which was incredible. I got to Mount Sunflower driving down a dirt road. 

Really tested out the AWD on the Subaru today! It got me through all the rutted out tire tracks. I'm in Colorado right now, parked at Flagler Reservoir. Sleeping in the car tonight, but with no privacy curtains. I can see some lights in the distance, but it's just me and the cows in the field tonight. Making my push for Denver tomorrow morning.

It's been a long ass day.