6 States in the Rearview

These past 48 hours have kind of been a blur.

I've been crushing the first 1K miles. The weather wasn't cooperating with me from mid-Pennsylvania until I got into Missouri this afternoon. So instead of hiking around Mark Twain National Forest today, I decided to drive as close as I could to the Missouri/Kansas border after a short hike to Mina Sauk Waterfalls and checking Taum Sauk Mountain off my US High Peaks list. 

Yesterday, I drove straight from NY to about 20mi west of Indianapolis. I was still able to get to Campbell and Hoosier Hills (the highest peaks in Ohio and Indiana), despite the heavy fog that I had to drive through. Can't say the views from these "peaks" were the best, even if there wasn't any fog.

i spent my first night in my car at a rest stop off of I-70. I got real lucky blacking out my windows with my clothes and towels right before a huge storm came rolling through and it rained pretty hard throughout most of the night. Although my clothes did the temporary trick of keeping the inside of the car dark, I stopped off at Walmart (before heading into Missouri) and bought some tension rods and blackout curtains.

Currently parked in a Walmart parking lot about 120 miles from Kansas City and the curtains are already a huge upgrade from using clothes and towels. I feel once I get out west, I wont have to use the curtains as much, considering camping out is much much easier once you're in a huge National Park. 

The plan for tomorrow is to drive through most of Kansas and maybe even get into Colorado if I can. Unfortunately I've driven though Oklahoma, so I think I have some idea of how monotonous driving the Great Plains will be. The only attraction I want to see in Kansas is Mount Sunflower (another high peak), but it isn't until the border of Colorado. Oh well.

Looking forward to seeing the Rockies pop up over the horizon!