Leaving the Finger Crotch for Home

Well the time has finally come where New York is within 1,000 miles and I'm debating whether to make this final 12 hour/800-ish mile drive all in one shot today. I've been back on Eastern Standard Time since early yesterday after I crossed into the Michigan border.

Since my last update from Fort Collins, CO, I have cruised through Nebraska for a hot second to bag the "highest" peak in that state, then a quick bypass through Wyoming and then up into the Dakotas. Then shot east into the upper peninsula of Minnesota, through Wisconsin, and into Michigan. Yesterday included me bagging the "high" points of both Wisconsin and Michigan. They were both walkable from a parking lot, so it was easy to get them both in one day.

I'm currently in the "glove" part of Michigan after crossing over a long Verrazano-like bridge where I had a Great Lake on either side of me. I believe it was Lakes Michigan and Huron. Absolutely beautiful to see while around dusk. I drove a solid 8 or 9 hours yesterday to get me through the Michigan peninsula and down to a Walmart parking lot near the "finger crotch" in the glove of Michigan. Or West Branch, MI. But let's just call it the crotch.

I might split up this drive into 2 days, but considering it doesn't get dark until 9pm-ish now, the thought of a warm shower and a bed where you don't need to sleep with a knife nearby is really tempting. Plus, I have no more stops to make, no more things to see, so at this rate I feel like I will really power through these last 800 miles. At most, I means at least 2 gas fill ups and if I'm within 4 hours of home by the second, I know I'm going to tell myself to keep going.

Will update next when I get home, so possibly tonight and at the least, tomorrow night.