Photography Kit Rental

(1) Canon 5d Mkiii Body

(1) Canon 24-105mm Lens (f4.0)

(1) Canon 85mm Lens

(1) Canon 50mm Lens

(1) Hot Shoe mount Flash (up to 1/250)

(1) Ultra fast read/write SD Card

(1) Ultra fast read/write CF Card

(1) Wired shutter Trigger

(1) Wireless shutter Trigger

(1) Shoe Mount Shotgun Mic (3.5mm output)

(1) Pop Light Reflector (2ft Diameter)

(1) Extended Battery Grip

(4) batteries

(2) Chargers

(1) mini HDMI to full HDMI


Also Available with Kit:

(3) Color Temperature Adjustable LED Panels (200 Watt equivalent) with 3 lightweight Stands, and AC wall Connections

(3) 6ft X 10ft (Photo White, Grey, Black and Green) Seamless